Sealing your pavers is a good way to protect your investment along with color enhance (if you choose this type of sealer). All pavers no matter what their slogan will fade over time, anything that is left out in the sun and elements will wear. This is the benefit to a sealer, protect your investment and add a wet look if desired. Not after a wet look but interested in protection? There is a sealer for that too. We offer a wide assortment of sealing products to fit your needs. Stop in the store for some sealer or advice.
The only way to answer this question is with another question, what are we trying to clean off of them? There are many different stains your pavers can encounter, oil, organic leaf stains, rust, asphalt tar, rubber, mold/mildew, etc. The issue is that these are all different things which require a different method of cleaning. That’s not to say we don’t have a solution, our staff has the knowledge of how to remedy these issues. The sooner you can clean it off the easier it will be.
This is a long lasting debate in the hardscape industry, our answer? You can do both right and you can do both wrong. This is where a good reputable contractor comes in. Depending on the project one base material might be the proper way to go over the other. The way in which the RCA is compacted, the depth of the RCA and the type of traffic will depend on how well it lasts. Concrete too can be called for on certain projects and the depth at which it is poured, its pitch, drainage, and finish process can all effect how long it will hold up over the years to come. Other things to keep in mind would be we live in Long Island and have climate that truly faces all of the seasons. With a freeze thaw cycle that can be extreme one base might fit your project compared to the other; again this is where a qualified contractor comes into play. Looking to do a D.I.Y.? Stop in to our Ridge NY office for some helpful advice, at the end of the day it falls back to the beginning statement, you can do both right and you can do both wrong, but our staff or recommended contractors can help you decide the right method.
The dreaded plague of all concrete products! Worry no more. Efflorescence is a natural part of the concrete curing process. It may seem that this is just a big fancy word for, I just spent a lot of money and I most certainly didn’t pay for this! But really it’s just a fancy part of chemistry. Although not always seen, ALL concrete products will give off this efflorescence. Lime/salt deposits in the concrete mix work their way to the surface of the concrete product and fade away over time. Good news is that the integrity of your product is not harmed in any way; although unsightly your investment was worth it and will look beautiful once this natural process is over. Having a party this weekend?! Not a problem, come down to our office and we will happily supply you with a cleaner to remove this efflorescence just in time for the big backyard bash!

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